Onsite Vision Screenings

Occupational Health Consultants perform onsite vision screenings. Employees with impaired vision can be a major hazard in the workplace not only to themselves, but also to fellow staff and property.

The aim of an occupational vision screen is to identify the employees with a visual impairment.

A vision screen is a quick assessment of a persons visual health and takes approximately 7 to 10 minutes to complete in which we examine for the following:-

  • Visual acuity (how well a person is able to see usually whilst wearing their prescription eyewear)
  • Ocular muscle function
  • Colour vision
  • Ocular health (screening for any signs or eye disease)

A vision screening program is recommended every two years and carries benefits the following benefits:-

  • Reduce injury potential to staff and property
  • Improve productivity by reducing fatigue and headaches
  • Worker compensation and property claim reduction, assisting to minimize insurance premiums
  • Improved productivity in the workplace