Onsite Spirometry test

We perform onsite Spirometry Test (lung-function) at your workplace in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

The major aim of a spirometry examination is to measure the function and condition of a person’s lungs, without the need to physically inspect them. More importantly, spirometry is used in the initial diagnosis of respiratory diseases such as asthma, silicosis, emphysema, etc.

More than just a lung test, our oniste service provides an opportunity to individually meet with employees face-to-face and educate them on the importance of respiratory health in the workplace and at home.

Spirometry testing is a requirement where there is potential for exposure to hazardous airborne substances including isocyanates and crystalline silica, as per Schedule 14 of the WHS Regulation 2011.

Our spirometry testing service is designed to:

  • Assess and record each persons lung function capacity (FVC, FEV1)
  • Educate and train people on the wearing of respiratory protection (employees need to bring their devices to the screening so our consultant can inspect and demonstrate correct application)
  • Flag employees with potential concerns
  • Provide management with detailed individual results                                                                                                         

Each examination takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes per person after which our consultant will explain results and make recommendations for further medical evaluation, where necessary.

Our testing regime utilizes the latest in diagnostic testing equipment operated and assessed by accredited health professionals endorsed by the Australian & New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science (ANZSRS).