Respirator Fit Testing

Respiratory protection is one of the most common responses to air pollution in the workplace. Yet contrary to the age old saying, one size does not fit all when it comes to fitting a respirator to a worker’s face.

Some workers can remain almost completely unprotected even when using respiratory protection due do an inadequate fit, which can present serious health concerns and works to undermine a company’s respiratory protection program.

Respirator fit-testing is the solution to this issue. OHC’s service sets the industry standard for quantifying actual protection factors for the way a wearer fits their respirator. A fit factor provides a visual metric of how well a respirator works and which one is best suited to an individual. The session also provides professional training on correct usage of different types of respirators.

OHC has over 35 years of in-house experience in the occupational health and hygiene industry and provides our clients with:
  • Worker confidence in knowing that industry leading health professionals have provided the
    best possible protection for them and that their workplace is committed to their health
  • Management confidence in the individualised health training for each of their workers
  • Certified evidence your company is doing what it needs to ensure health and wellbeing of