Onsite audiometric testing

Our Brisbane based Onsite Audiometric testing is used to observe if a person has been exposed to excessive noise and detect signs of hearing loss in the early stages, before it becomes an issue. More than just a hearing test, our onsite audiometric testing service provides an opportunity to meet with employees face-to-face to educate them on the importance of hearing conservation at work and in the home.

Our Audiometric testing regime is designed to:

  • Determine the ability of each employees hearing
  • Educate and train people on the wearing of hearing protection (employees need to bring their hearing protection to the screening so our consultant can inspect and demonstrate the correct way to insert earplugs, or how to wear and maintain earmuffs)
  • Evaluate employees with a hearing loss
  • Provide management with a detailed booklet of individual results and summaries of overall results
  • Provide management data pertaining to threshold shifts (i.e. overall and individual)

Each employee’s hearing is tested right to left ears across eight different frequencies and results recorded. An examination takes approximately 10 – 12 minutes per person after which our consultant will explain results and make recommendations for further medical evaluations, where necessary.

Onsite audiometric testing is usually performed inside one of our mobile, air-conditioned, sound proofed testing suites. This environment allows for maximum comfort levels and ensures the highest degree of testing integrity.

Our audiometric testing service is performed in accordance with AS/NZS 1269.4 “Occupational noise management – auditory assessment”.

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