Workplace noise monitoring

A noise assessment is performed to determine noise emission levels which may present potential health, safety and/or environmental concerns.

Our workplace noise monitoring service provides companies, in Brisbane and surrounds, with the opportunity for full-shift dosimeter noise monitoring, sound level testing of noisy sources and activities, monitoring and mapping of background (ambient) noise levels, determine appropriate hearing protection based on current noise levels, recommendations for ongoing noise control strategies and hearing protection signage requirements.

A workplace noise assessment should be performed once every five years or when significant changes to the workplace have taken place which can change the noise environment a person works in.

Boundary Noise Audit

In accordance with the various state and federal regulations, environmental noise monitoring may be necessary once noise from workplace activities encroach upon commercial and/or residential premises. Together with regulatory authorities, noise complaints are usually initiated from neighbours and requires immediate and careful attention to manage successful outcomes.

It should be noted that performing noise monitoring is a non disruptive exercise as we need to measure normal workplace activities.