Noise Audits

Exposure to excessive noise is probably the most widespread and underestimated of industrial hazards. Employees who are exposed to high noise levels run the risk of experiencing permanent, noise induced hearing loss. Read more →


Audiometry provides management with real time data on the effectiveness of preventative noise control measures such as hearing protection. Its helps identify the degree of hearing loss a particular group of individuals has sustained as a result of exposure to excessive noise. Read more →

On Site Spirometry

This type of health assessment looks to measure lung function and is the most common investigation used in the diagnosis of respiratory concerns. It looks at how effectively and quickly the lungs can be emptied and filled. Read more →

OHC provides Occupational Hygiene and Environmental risk assessment solutions with an emphasis on chemical (dust, fume, vapour, particulates, odour) and physical (noise monitoring, vibration, heat/cold stress, lighting) exposure agents in the workplace.

Our onsite health monitoring service includes audiometric (hearing) testing, spirometry, and vision screenings which provide companies with the option for a complete workplace health and hygiene risk management and assessment process.

As a provider of risk-assessment services to leading Australian and international companies, Occupational Health Consultants puts resources and expertise into action to meet the needs of your workplace health and hygiene exposure requirements •Occupational Health Consultants deliver occupational professionals right to you door step •All of our onsite monitoring services are performed in accordance with relevant Australian and international standards •Occupational Health Consultants service companies throughout most Queensland and national & international capital cities

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